• Health and Wellness Expos Owner Rick Thiessen Supports Convicted Child Killer...

    Rick Thiessen, owner of Health and Wellness Expos of Canada, is defending his decision to invite David Stephan (a convicted child murderer) to speak at his Health and Wellness event in Winnipeg...

    Sobeys has withdrawn its sponsorship of the event after drawing criticism online over the killer David Stephan's participation. Stephan and his wife Collet were convicted in 2016 of failing to provide the necessaries of life to their son Ezekiel, who died in 2012.

    The Stephans attempted to treat their 19-month-old sons serious illness with inadequate natural remedies when he fell ill with meningitis. Their son later died, and they were charged with their sons death.

    David Stephan was sentenced to four months in jail, while Collet Stephan was given three months of house arrest, with each also ordered to complete 240 hours of community service. The conviction was appealed and has made it to the Supreme Court of Canada docket, where arguments are expected to be heard in May.

    Sobeys pulls sponsorship for Wellness Expo featuring father convicted in son's meningitis death David Stephan selling 'multivitamin replacement' in Saskatoon and will be at Manitoba, Alberta events.

    Rick Thiessen, owner of Health and Wellness Expos of Canada, said he knew all about Stephan's history before he booked him. Thiessen said he judges his vendors based on their products, not on their personal lives.

    "Having seen and looked at all the documentation and had conversations about what happened, it's between them and their God, it's not between me and them," he said. "The issue that Dave had in terms of being arrested has nothing to do with his healthcare product that he's selling."

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