• Wab Kinew - A Dangerous Socialist Criminal

    Recent Wab Kinew email releases show a sickening criminal past full of serious criminal charges including drugs, assault and forgery ...all of the details were released in emails circulated to the media this week...

    NDP MLA and party leadership candidate Wab Kinew released more details about his past run-ins with the law Friday after a series of anonymous emails about him were sent to various media outlets this week.

    Kinew, who was elected in Fort Rouge last year, now admits that he was charged with assault over an incident at an Ontario reserve in 2004. He later received a discharge.

    He also revealed that he was charged with theft after he "found" a money order in 2006 worth about $500 and cashed it. Charges were stayed when he repaid the victim.

    In an interview, Kinew also admitted he faced a wage garnishment order after failing to pay a speeding ticket. He eventually paid a fine totalling $605, including court costs.

    Kinew, 35, previously admitted to assaulting a taxi driver and to an impaired driving charge -- he refused a breathalyzer test. On Sept. 28, 2004, he was fined a total of $1,522 for the assault charge, the refusal to submit a breath sample and failing to comply with two court orders.

    Kinew, who is running against former longtime NDP cabinet minister Steve Ashton for the party's leadership next month, called the Free Press on Friday following the circulation of emails about his past.

    "Some of what I heard in these emails are lies, some are untruths about my family," Kinew said. "But there are some specific other issues in them that I did want to address."

    The emails the Free Press received did not mention the 2004 incident at Shoal Lake in Ontario, where Kinew said he got into a fight and faced assault charges.

    "It went through a judge; he said, 'keep the peace for six months,' and the charges were discharged," Kinew said Friday.

    In 2003, Kinew was accused of two counts of domestic assault. He said it didn't happen. The proceedings were stayed.

    "There was no substance to the allegations. It was investigated. It was dropped," he said.

    Last year, Kinew received a pardon from the Parole Board of Canada after a decade during which he kept the peace, wrote a book, held jobs with the CBC and the University of Winnipeg and became a sought-after candidate to run for political office.

    "They (the parole board) consider the totality of your involvement. So if you had any sort of issues, (they) wouldn’t grant the pardon. But they did because I had made a real change," he said.

    "For me it was about first tackling addiction and then dealing with some underlying character issues that were left after I did that. And from there I continued building family life and getting married and all these sorts of things. And then I became a successful person."

    The NDP leadership convention will be held Sept. 16-17 in Winnipeg. Kinew is considered the frontrunner in the contest.