NDP Government is Destroying Manitoba

Manitoban's are in a grave time of crisis. The NDP have us on the path to complete failure if we don't get them out of power. Take your pick from the many blunders they've purpetrated over the years...

• Massive waste on the new hydro line.
• Changing the rainy day fund to suit their own agenda.
• Increased fees, licensing costs and hidden costs lining NDP pockets.
• $14 billion deficit - and rising.
• Massive Increase in Crime.
• Killing any hope of prosperity in this province.
• Rewriting the legislation so that cabinet ministers avoid 40% pay cut.
• Increasing the saleries of high-paid directors and bureaucrats.

Whatever party wins the next election will be trapped in a bottomless hole dug by the NDP, unable to do anything but look bad. The NDP have favored the pencil pushers who justify their existence in statistics, smoke and mirrors. The next government in power will be forced to;

• Lay off thousands of employees.
• Loose a lot of tax base money.
• Issue austarity = a loss of spending / buying power for families.
• Raise taxes !
• Cut spending, services , passing the buck down to the Civic Level.

What will that accomplish? It will accomplish a haterd of that party in power, and might even cause voters to make the grave mistake of voting the NDP back into power at a later date!

Todays NDP, steady as she goes... right into the rocks. For reasons that can only be equated to ignorance, Manitobans kept voting these NDP hacks into power and this is what happens. Wowchuk and Selinger are in the wheelhouse now, reneging their agreements with the owners and the biggest rat of all - Gary Doer, has long since abandoned the sinking ship.

John S.
Wpg. Report
July 17, 2010


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    The NDP Suck so bad.

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