Get Rid of the Registry - Vote for Bill C-391

The idoiots in the Liberal-Bloc Quebecois-NDP coalition are one step closer to derailing Candice Hoeppner’s bill to end the wasteful and ineffective long-gun registry.
In June 2010 the Opposition-dominated committee passed a motion to report to the House of Commons that the Public Safety committee “does not proceed further with Bill C-391.”

“Mr. Holland’s actions on behalf of the Liberal party and their coalition partners clearly demonstrate that there is no willingness to compromise or work together,” MP Hoeppner said. “If the Opposition truly believed in compromise, they would stop these blatant attempts to derail Bill C-391, back down from their threats to whip the vote, and allow their Members to vote freely at third reading to represent their constituents.”

“Twelve NDP and eight Liberal Members of Parliament supported my bill at second reading. The question remains – what will those MPs do when it once again comes time to vote on this in the House?” Hoeppner continued. “Will they tow the party line and vote to keep the registry, or do the right thing, listen to their constituents, and vote to scrap the registry?”

Hoeppner stressed that there is little evidence to demonstrate that the long-gun registry has fulfilled its mandate, and that a number of front-line police officers as well as four provincial and territorial Attorneys General and Ministers of Justice have publicly supported Bill C-391.

“It’s high time to look for other answers and put government resources into building a system that targets offenders and not law-abiding firearm owners like farmers and outdoors enthusiasts,” Hoeppner concluded.

If the motion in the House of Commons is successful, the Liberal-led Opposition coalition will have succeeded in stopping Hoeppner’s bill to finally end the long-gun registry.

Call your MP and voice your concerns.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Go Candice! We LOVE You!!!

  1. Darren says:

    This should go a step further, The citizens of Canada should have the right to keep & bear arms for their common defense of; self, family, home and State including the right to carry weapons concealed on their person. It makes me sick that we cannot be allowed to protect ourselves properly in this country. Just totally SICK.

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