Police in the Crosshairs of Local Gangs...

Criminal gangs have, "severely assaulted," off-duty Winnipeg police officers, conducted surveillance on them outside of work, and have even shown up at their family events in brazen attempts at intimidation. Those incidents have ranged from intimidation to property damage to physical violence over the past decade, the Winnipeg Police Service and the Winnipeg Police Association acknowledge, even as they decline to discuss specifics in fear of encouraging more incidents of harassment.

Winnipeg police said they are nonetheless the subject of harassment by organized criminal gangs.

"Some members' homes and vehicles have been the target of arson's. As well, these members have experienced disruptions at family events by members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang," reads the excerpt from Blair's report.

"This service also reported off-duty members being severely assaulted by gang members, as well as surveillance conducted on uniform and plainclothes officers by organized crime members."

Some of these incidents of harassment have been made public, most notably the burning of a gang-unit officer's home and the attempted firebombing of her house over a three-month period.
In December 2001, the officer's van was set ablaze while it was parked outside her North Kildonan home. In February 2002, a brick was thrown through her front window and gasoline-filled Molotov cocktails were found on her front lawn.

Police have since complained of being followed from the Public Safety Public to their vehicles, among other forms of harassment by gang members. "There have been many issues, all of which are well-documented and some of which are very serious, in addition to the firebombing," said Mike Sutherland, president of the Winnipeg Police Association.

Sutherland said he would like to say more but could not, out of concern for the safety of police employees and their families. Officers are also being assaulted more frequently on the job, he added.

"The assaults have escalated over a period of time. It's always a concern," Police Chief Keith McCaskill said.

In response to officers' concerns about being followed to their vehicles from the Public Safety Building on Princess Street, a secure fence with an electronic pass-key was erected around a nearby Winnipeg Parking Authority surface lot.

So, who is to blame for this mess? Most Manitoban's agree that it is the NDP Party. They refuse Citizens (yes, Police are Citizens) and Property Rights protection in a province with the highest amount of crime in Canada.

The regular resident in Manitoba can no longer protect him/herself from; home invasions, theft, and assault without being arrested for assault themselves. The Federal Government is introducing a Citizens Arrest clause that is to be included in the Charter of Rights .

Presently, if someone breaks into our homes, and harms themselves they can sue the homeowner. Someone that trespasses and harms themselves can sue the property owner. If the property owner attempts to protect themselves and their families, they can face numerous charges. This is completely absurd! It leaves one asking themselves who on earth dreamed these laws up?

The hand of the law has also shown that in Manitoba, crime leading to death, can often go unpunished and without consequence. Judges are allowing those that do the crime, go without doing the time.

This NDP party is 100% responsible for crime towards officers and the public in Manitoba. It is 100% responsible for the high crime rate in Manitoba. This province protects one party only, the criminal. We need change not just to the politicians who reside over our local laws but to the entire criminal code nationally. We also need laws which allow citizens far more personal and property protection. Enough is enough with the thugs having all the rights and the good guys being trapped and defenceless.


  1. Freddie says:

    The Police are being shat upon by the politicians and the bankers who own them. The political/banker circle just views the Police as their thugs. And, this is PROOF that the bankers and the greedy politicians DO NOT give a damn about their "Thug" Police force and to rub it in, they laugh when the Police are being intimidated by the gang scum. It's sick. We need a frickin' revolt against these scum politicians/bankers.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Even though many Police are total assholes, this just ain't right.

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