Kids Tricked into Eating Moose Poo...

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Yes, it appears that people still do it... You know, playing one of those nasty, super stupid tricks of, "hey - dude eat this." It would seem that a group of Manitoba teachers and their students are now Internationally famous with their antics.

There's one Manitoba school principal who will not be returning in the fall amid allegations that he allowed the students to unwittingly eat moose feces!

On a canoe trip earlier this month two students from Grand Marais were tricked into putting moose droppings in their mouths by a non-teacher adult chaperone, according to the Winnipeg Free Press. 

Karen Eyolfson, whose 13-year-old son was one of two students to bite into the droppings, has pulled her boy from Walter Whyte School, saying the trust between staff and students has been broken.
During the school trip on May 25. Two Grade 8 teens from the school, were given the poop but told they were chocolate-covered almonds. 
"He dug into a bag and popped one in his mouth. As soon as it hit his mouth somebody tells him, 'You just ate moose shit' and the whole group of people started laughing at him," said Eyolfson.
She said it was a parent chaperone that offered her son the so-called almonds from a sandwich baggie. But the principal of the school, a resource officer and her son's teacher all watched it happen, Eyolfson said.
"Who is he going to go talk to? The counsellor was in on the joke and so was the principal. They were the bullies, so who would he talk to in hopes that something would be done?" she said.
Angie Jonski, the aunt of one of the victims, told the Winnipeg Free Press that the chaperone convinced the students the feces were a nutritious mixture of wild berries and grass. One 8th grade girl got the droppings stuck in her braces and vomited, according to her mother. Another student reportedly ran to the river to wash out his mouth.

Some of the parents have alleged that Walter Whyte School Principal Bob Kovachik was present for the incident and did not intervene, the Toronto Star reported.

Superintendent Scott Kwasnitz confirmed to the Winnipeg Free Press that three teachers and two parents were aware of the situation by the time the second student put the droppings in her mouth. Several families had opted to keep their children out of Walter Whyte until action was taken against the school's leadership.

Private counseling will be offered to the 16 students present on the canoe trip.

Principal to be Replaced After Students Tricked Into Eating Moose Feces
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  1. LarryJ256 says:

    I can tell you that if these dumb-ass teachers did this to my kid they'd receive a serious shit-kicking. I talking broken bones. I'm just saying.

  1. Anonymous says:

    The dumb-bitch GUIDANCE COUNCILOR told this 14-yr. old girl student that Moose Shit was "HEALTHY." That fucking bitch needs to have her head smashed in with a piece of concrete. Fucking Cunt!

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