Winnipeg Ticketing Practices Out of Control

A motorist watchdog said he's essentially been given a "cease and desist" letter from the city of Winnipeg in response to his complaints about ticketing practices.

Wise Up Winnipeg's Todd Dube said his lawyer received a letter from city Chief Operating Officer Michael Jack (pictured above) on Thursday that Dube called "outrageous" and amounted to, in his mind, a cease-and-desist order.

In his email, obtained and made public by the Winnipeg Sun, Michael Jack alerts Dube's lawyer that he has "no intention" of intervening in a "well-functioning system" that addresses complaints on parking violations.

"In the future, should your client make a similar request of you to communicate a similar request to me," 

...the email reads, "I strongly encourage you to save your client the money and decline to either draft or send the letter as it is inappropriate, unwelcome and will not be acted upon in the manner requested by you or your client."

Dube finds that response, "outrageous."

"The only letter we should have gotten back was 'Thanks for bringing yet another issue to our attention, we're developing a correction to it,'" Dube said. 

"It just represents the culture that we're up against. For eight years we've been up against this and they haven't engaged the other 30 issues that we're having to address one at a time through expensive legal letters, and it's unacceptable."

Dube said language changes in the city's parking bylaws boil down to the city acknowledging its practices were unjust.

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  1. Tara Hospkins says:

    This city is sick and rotten to the core. I absolutely must move away. What a pack of liars and thieves we have at City Hall. Worst city ever!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ya notice how these rats go into City Haul poor and after their terms they leave filthy rich? Then they move to BC. They never remain here in Winnipeg. They wreck, steal, rob, lie and cheat their way to wealth, then go live on the West-coast. Hmmmmm.

  1. Kenny Wayne says:

    These City bureaucrats should lose their pensions if they screw up this bad. The ticketing in Winnipeg is insane. It's beyond reproach. Some of these pigs at the trough need to lose their pension plans. Bloody bastards.

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