More than 50 illegal aliens from the U.S. have crossed to Canada

A United States helicopter, RCMP patrols, sensors and cameras are not enough to stop illegals from crossing the U.S.-Canada border into Manitoba...

In the last three weeks, more than 50 illegal aliens from the U.S. have slipped through to Canada near the Emerson border. “It's flat, there's no mountains,” said Safety Officer Jay Ihme with the Emerson Fire Department and Rescue. “There’s access roads, there's railway lines. It’s just an easy place for them to cross," he said Sunday.

Illegals are being brought to Winnipeg Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council. The council sent three vans to pick up 21 people who illegally crossed border and bring them to Winnipeg.

This past weekend, 21 African men, women and children managed to cross the border on foot. The RCMP said it works closely with Canadian and U.S. officials and can respond to the evolving environment encountered at the border.

On Thursday, RCMP said it would allocate more resources to patrol the border near Emerson to help apprehend and direct refugee claimants to the Canada Border Services Agency. They were processed at the Canada Border Services Agency before staff with Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council drove them to Winnipeg to claim refugee status.


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