Response to Shelly Cook's Article in the Free Press

Teen counsellor says homicide may have
prompted car thefts...

Dec. 26, 2009

Local Winnipeg City at-risk teen counsellor, Liz Wolfe, (program manager for the Empowering Justice program at New Directions), said in a recent Free Press article that the recent spike in auto thefts in Winnipeg may be connected with the tragic death of the city's 26th homicide victim of the year, Jessie McKenzie.

Wolfe said McKenzie was a well-loved friend of many of the boys in her program, including Level-4 auto offenders.

17-year-old McKenzie was fatally stabbed in a Main Street bus shelter on Dec. 5 after he apparently tryied to intervene in a domestic dispute.

Wolfe said that many of the boys, ranging in age from 15 to 19, didn't know how to react to McKenzie's sudden and violent death.

"The level of hurt and anger, I believe, (pushed) many of them to regress back to car theft," she said, explaining that most of the teens in her program have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Wolfe said people with FASD can be highly reactive and impulsive and have a tough time understanding cause and effect.

Most Winnipegers would agree that this is a whole lot of CRAP. Councellers like Wolfe have no clue about what they are talking about with stupid comments like this. These kids are screwed up scumbags - period. Anyone with half a brian knows that poor coping mechanisms are not an excuse for killing people / crime / justifying criminal behaviour.

Think about this... ever notice how seldom they ever hurt themselves, or their scumbag buddies during these auto thefts - gee somehow they are able to make healthy decisions in their own interests about that side of the equation. Wow, amazing!

One more thing to consider here as well... How many Winnipeg residents have lost close family and good friends over the years and have yet to steal a car and blast through the city running red-lights/stop-signs and trying to out-run cops? Just thinking about it is simply ludacris.

Give your head a shake Liz Wolfe, your an idiot. Plain and simple! FASD is a reason - not an excuse. Attributing the motive of stealing more cars to one of dealing with grief is insulting to Winnipeg citizens who are risk of becoming the next statistic to these scumbags.

We all know what to do with them... If they cannot control them selves they need to be where they can be controlled... Lock 'em Up. They have no reasoning skills and they're morons. They belong in a facility and that is that.

Liz Wolfe - Save your bleeding heart bull-crap for your funding proposals!


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