Christian Group Wants North End Rec. Center


Maybe you've seen their recruiters... The neat young boys with white dress shirts and black ties, black dress pants and black shoes...? They walk the streets of Winnipeg, they go door to door. Searching for the right situation to come and, "have a talk."

They look for correct situations that they've been trained to deal with. Known in their circle as, "Spiritual Formation Opportunities." Ahhh, look... over there - a few young kids playing in the park... time to be friends. Hey, we're just like you. Let's play some baseball - game is over now. Let's sit down at the soda stand and have a cold drink. And, let's talk about a great friend of ours, his name is Jesus!

Yes, they work it - on the streets; spring, summer, winter and fall. But, now they're asking themselves... "How can we convert more sheep faster and how can we target our new focus group of teens, the First Nations people?"

Well thanks to the chairman of Winnipeg's downtown development committee, Justin Swandel, they were gearing up to set up shop for a $12 Million dollar recruitment center carefully cloaked as a Recreation Center. This was all going smooth as silk until word leaked that the Youth for Christ team has an upfront agenda of rounding up the "Aboriginal Youth Sheep and converting them to Christianity - to of course SAVE them!"

The Provincial government looked at this and said, "Ummm no you Fucking ain't." And the battle has now begun! Who will win... Justin Swandel and his "Youth for Christ evangelicals," or the Provincial Government who believe that hard working taxpayer's money shouldn't be dumped into the hands of Faith-Based organizations to be used for "Converting" a target Aboriginal youth group.

My two-cents... well how about setting up a rec. center with all of the faith's in there? Including a group of Atheists as well. If we have everyone there, (Atheists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, etc.), then at least it's a level playing field - isn't it?

Kevin - Winnipeg Report


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