Two Teachers One Chair

Two high school teachers (Adeil Ahmed and Chrystie Fitchner) at Winnipeg's Churchill High-School are caught on video acting very inappropriate. Teacher, Chrystie Fitchner, (sat in the chair), seems to be highly entertained by the male teachers lurid lap dancing. This incident has brought into question what exactly is appropriate behavior from school teachers. No need to ponder that thought for long - it certainly isn't this!

The two teachers were pulled off the job after they performed the lap dance in front of about 100 students during a school-sanctioned pep rally. The incident took place during a spirit week dance competition at Churchill High School on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010 and a minute-long cellphone video was posted on YouTube afterwards.

The video relates the teachers grinding against each other while the woman sits in a chair placed in the middle of the gym floor. At one point, the male teacher simulates oral sex by bobbing his head several times near the woman's genitals. The female teacher simulates stroking the male teachers body throughout. There is no doubt that this was clearly beyond any boundry of crossing the line.

Winnipeg families work hard to teach their children values. We all want to make sure they have respect for others and to behave with dignity. We expect them to trust in the teachers who prepare them educationally for their futures. These two teachers should be tossed out the door of their school and many taxpayers do believe they should be facing a public mischiff charge for this incident act. Voice your feelings below.


  1. Phil J. says:

    These teachers are asswipes!

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