Lap Dance Video Goes Viral on YouTube...

Over the weekend millions of people all over the world watched Winnipeg high school teachers, Adeil Ahmed and Chrystie Fitchner's lap dance video. It was picked up by every major news network and Howard Stern even mentioned it on his trash talk satellite radio show.

Yet reading comments on our YouTube channel post of the video, we saw large numbers of people defending them and suggesting they only get a slap on the wrist. Example, "It was only a slight lack of judgement - come on, leave them alone."

Well, I have have to ask... What is wrong with you people? First off, I applaud the young lady who posted the original video and blew the whistle on this crap. All of the left wingers that are defending these teachers must have a twisted view on society. Stop and think about a few basic things here...

These teachers are supposed to be professional with a higher standard of ethics because of the profession they chose. Add to that, they are public employees who have to answer to the public for their actions. And, anyone who thinks a 15 year old is even close to being an adult is just plain nuts.

When something like this spreads so quickly that it leads to every U.S. and European major news outlet to pick it up and sparks outrage and debate in other countries, your slap on the wrist attitude doesn't hold much water.

YouTube has countless parody videos and video responses as of today with plenty more to come I'm sure. All we can hope for is serious punishment for the two moron teachers. In the Winnipeg Report office, we thought that this Music Video Parody summed it all up pretty good...

Good day,
Kevin - Wpg.Rpt.


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