Winnipeg Criminals not Scared of Consequences...

On March 5th, 2010 Paramedics transported a woman by ambulance after she was badly assaulted about 5:15 a.m. in the 500 block of Toronto Street.

The woman was rushed to hospital in critical condition after the random assault just west of Winnipeg's downtown Friday morning.

The suspect fled the scene but was located and arrested a short while later on McGee Street, about three blocks away.

We are all seeing what is happening - the big picture here is criminals are not concerned of any consequences because they know that even a murder conviction is only a few years in prison.

And, prison... well, what else can I say except; What a Joke! Prison is just simply free room & board (a pleasure compared to being homeless or living in Winnipeg's slums). Scumbags can even get a FREE university education in prison, which in today's society is mostly unaffordable to young Canadians. This is totally absurd! Even with a university education, with their criminal record - no business will EVER hire them! It's all such a total JOKE! Add to that the big screen TV's with cable/satellite, the fancy weight rooms, excellent healthy food services, the ability to use computers, cell. phones, blackberrys, etc... it all makes absolutely no sense.

Criminals should live without... No TV's, no weight rooms, no cell. phones, and they should be fed horrible food! There is nothing wrong with a per day diet of; 2 glasses of water, 1 glass of milk, toast/bread, cereal, pasta, and potatoes per day. With 3 servings of meat every week for some protein. Feed them the same diet day in day out. With minimal exercise - and you'll see criminals leaving prison as 98 pound weaklings, instead of bulked up musclemen in better shape than most city police officers.

Criminals are not even called "Convicts" anymore because it was determined the term might be kind of offensive. The term pushed upon the Justice system by all those bleeding heart Liberals is "offender" (how sweet). This is the one lasting legacy that the NDP government have succeeded in shaping Manitoba. The NDP have been so soft on crime that criminals truly believe that when they; beat, stab and wreck our city it's really not even their fault!

The MLAs do nothing, let's face it. All they are concerned about is getting re-elected. That's it. Thanks to them, Winnipeg is a violent crime-plagued cesspool. It's time for Winnipeger's to become responsible - it's time to take back the streets from the criminals, the druggies and the dealers. Watch and see where crime is happening. Report it. Shed some light on it. Do everything you possibly can do.

If the government can't get their head out of their ass to do something, then it's up to us!

Phil - Wpg. Rpt.
Mar. 06, 2010


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