Crazed Attacker with Machete Killed by Police

Just after 10 pm on Saturday Mar. 6th, 2010... A madman, armed with a baseball bat and a machete was part of a group that attacked/assaulted people at an address on the 600 block of Home Street. He was shot and killed by police roughly 30 min. later.

"We are confirming it was an officer-related shooting," Const. Jacqueline Chaput said Sunday morning. She said the man, whose identity has been released as, 28 year old Eric Daniel, (a street gang member well known to the Winnipeg Police), was taken to hospital in critical condition where he succumbed to his injuries. Prior to the shooting, Eric Daniels was swinging the machete violently at people on Sargent Ave. as well as at passing cars. Witnesses said he was a crazed madman in the street looking to kill.

"There was one gunshot, a pause and then boom, boom, boom," said Tammy, who heard the shooting.

Tammy said when she and her fiancé looked out their second-storey window, they saw a body lying in the middle of Sargent Avenue near Arlington Street, right beside the hood of a police car. The police car was parked diagonally in the middle of the street, she added.

The body and police car were directly in front of the Flying Pizza restaurant. Across the street is, The Club nightclub.

Well, here we go... another Winnipeg shooting. One less scumbag on the streets today. But, the bleeding hearts will be screaming at the top of their lungs about this. They'll be saying that the police really should have just hugged him, held his hand and given him a ride home with a hot cup of tea and a cream cheese begal!

What about if he would have lived? Incarceration costs the tax payer a huge amount, but what makes it all worse is all of the fringe benefits these low lifes get once they are in jail. Big screen televisions, computers (so they can watch porn and plan they're next crime for when they get out), access to cell. phone use, weight-rooms, excellent healthy meals, university education... Is this prison, or a 5-star country club?

Why do our politicians listen to the liberal minority groups who want our criminals treated better than regular, law abiding citizens?

It's too bad somebody had to die in our city last night. But, honestly if you are dumb enough to attack police officers with a Machete - then let's be honest, this is the result. Shot and killed. One less idiot in Winnipeg. Thank goodness it was a cop the scumbag was charging at, and not a defenseless citizen. At least the cop had the proper weapon and training to defend himself!

Here is a message to the scumbags of Winnipeg...

"keep up your stupidity and you'll be six feet under."

The people in the West-end fall into only a few categories: blue-collar, lower-middle class working stiffs of all races and ethnicity, the retired folks who have been in the neighborhood forever, and the wannabe gangsters. Take a wild guess at which one of these categories the so-called "victim" belonged to?

People around the West-end are TOTALLY fed up with the wannabe criminals taking over the neighborhood. Drugs, prostitution (in front of the 2 local junior high schools), aggressive panhandling by drug addicts at the local 7-11 stores... it's all gotten a lot worse in the neighborhood in the last 5 years as well.

If these gang-banger morons are stupid enough to disobey a direct order from a police officer to stop, and put a weapon down - then they get what they deserve. A fast cold death on a foggy Winnipeg March night, in the middle of the street!

Phil - Wpg. Rpt.


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