Does Winnipeg Need a Chapter of the Guardian Angels?

March 14, 2010

Yesterday a Winnipeg Transit driver was assaulted, but luckily a Winnipeg City Police officer was on the bus to stop the assault, arrest the scumbag, and call for back-up to get the jerk into a jail cell where he belongs.

It is becoming clear that Winnipeg needs more patrols on the street - this means either more officers, or a public protection force like the world-wide & well established NYC based Guardian Angels.

In NYC, tough anti-gang legislation helped; law enforcement, prosecutors and organizations such as the Guardian Angels eliminate gang-related activity and keep New York state’s neighborhoods safe from these types of crimes. Winnipeg desperately needs something like this.

First, most obviously we NEED tough anti-gang legislation. Criminals are literally getting away with everything in this town! Right now in Winnipeg, in many of our bus shelters, Winnipeg families are subjected to; drug crazed bums, gang-bangers, and street people/alcoholics sleeping and falling over onto the benches, or onto the ground. Or, they're arguing & using obscenities, (especially the idiot gang-bangers). The shelters also stink of beer and urine because no-one is patrolling our streets to watch over our good citizens.

At one time, the city enforced a vagrancy law, which kept the streets clean for Winnipeg residents who work hard and pay their city taxes to shop and travel safely with their families. In the 1980's some morons decided to scrap the vagrancy laws, (WTF?). Politicians were convinced by a small group of liberal do-gooders into pouring millions of tax dollars into utterly useless and very expensive social agencies, (that as of present day - we can see has only made the problems of our entire city worse)!

We NEED patrols on the streets to make them safe. Not slack social programs for AFTER citizens are hurt, or our properties are damaged. All City counselors, should spend a couple of hours visiting the bus shelters along Portage and Graham. Then, they should go have a coffee in Portage Place Mall. (Funny they never drop by there.) Then they'd realize a simple fact... Downtown is a mess and has been taken over by the scumbags!

We NEED something in place to take our city back. Maybe the Angels are the answer... The Guardian Angels are a non-profit, all-volunteer crime-fighting organization that started in 1979 with 13 members patrolling New York City streets. The group has grown to include 25 chapters throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan and Brazil. Known for their familiar red beret, the Guardian Angels offer many programs to help combat neighborhood crime and educate teenagers on the dangers that lurk in cyberspace. In 1997 the Winnipeg council and Winnipeg Police denied the Guardian Angels permission to set-up a chapter in Winnipeg. If council and Wpg. Police don't step-up to the plate and establish patrols in this town, we should re-visit the offer of the Guardian Angels to set-up a Winnipeg Chapter. The Angels are already in; Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax and they are currently setting up a chapter in Red Deer.

We NEED Something here - soon!

Either a city based patrol or a chapter of the Guardian Angels.

Raymond - Wpg. Rpt.


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