Province Says NO/YES, to Cadet Patrol Force...

March 17, 2010

A initial patrol force of 50 Police Cadets was to be launched this summer to help the main force in our city with patrol and back-up in a host of situations. An additional 150 cadets were to be added over the next year... Sounds like a GREAT idea... errr wait, the Justice Minister Andrew Swan just said NO to this last week! Shouldn't he be saying NO to crime and YES to fighting it tooth & nail...?

WHAT is going on here? Let me try and get this straight... according to Swan, first he came out with his stance on getting a Police helicopter (to aide the Police force in crime fighting) he said it was a bad idea - too expensive. And, NOW... helping the Police force with 50 additional cadets to help the primary force fight crime - and keep the city safer this summer - is another bad idea!

Who are these crazy-ass Mo-Fo's in the Provincial Govt? Seriously, maybe we should just shut down the Police force? Let's perhaps give the criminals & street gangs a big hot-dog lunch and maybe even a huge party to say - "Here's Winnipeg Guy's, just go right ahead and rape, kill and terrorize the whole frickin' place... it's A.O.K. according to the Justice Minister."

McCaskill and staff have already chosen uniforms and devised the entire training system. This was because the deal was laid out with Greg Selinger and Dave Chomiak (when he was Justice Minister), however he has moved on. BUT, Nonetheless, the agreement was made, (Geeze - don't they keep records of these things)?

Andrew Swan is saying, "I wasn't in on this deal, I wasn't told, I wasn't even there, Meh, Meh, Meh!" Holy Crap... What's up with this guy? Isn't this guy actually supposed to be about helping the city with the MASSIVE Crime problem... SHEESH! Duh, hey buddy, aren't you the frickin' justice minsiter? What are ya - a total dope! Come On! Wake Up!

Well some good news today, looks like they've worked out their problems and the cadet patrol force will go ahead and funding will go through. I suppose Andrew Swan had to sleep on it to consider if keeping this city safer is something that the Justice Minister should be involved in.

I've got one word when it comes to this current Provincial Govt... LAME!

Kevin Wpg. Rpt.


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