Crime and Canada's Gun Control Laws...

In Canada, our Government has completely taken away our right to protect ourselves. Criminals, in-turn have obviously taken over. No honest citizen is allowed to own/carry a gun. We also aren't allowed to protect our home with a gun. If we shot a criminal who was smashing in our front door, we would go to court and then to jail. The criminal would likely walk free. It is absolutely, COMPLETELY crazy. Nearly every home on my Winnipeg street has been broken into, I've lived through a home invasion myself.

PUBLIC SAFETY... translation... illusion, deception. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Gun control was never a, "good intention," being based on a complete denial of reality, and fact.

WHAT is bizarre, is that they strove to put the gun laws in the criminal code, (come hell or high water), but suggest that the 'federal offense' of [posession of an unregistered firearm] be a 'ticketable' not 'criminal' charge. Obviously, Lib-tards cannot be trusted! Remember that they said that we were being "silly" for suggesting that confiscation was the true agenda... well, we were right, no one is accountable. LIES LIES LIES. They lied about the RCMP gun/crime stats to parliament, and to the public. They still lie about compliance stats. They lie about how many guns there are, and how many owners. They lie about the cost overruns, and reward the incopetance of the CFC data handlers, contractors, and software providers!

It is just like looking into an open sewer... same sh!t, different day. WHY wont any of the Conservatives or media just report the truth? The gun control program is a complete failure. It does not meet the measure of good governance, in that Canadian people do not support it. Period. Accoring to their registry there may be 5 or 7 or 11 million gun owners in Canada. Well, which is it? Either way, the majority still have not complied. I'ts like the Lib-tards just cant stop whipping the dead horse. If guns and gunowners were nearly as frighteningly dangerous as they love to imply, they would have been shot long ago for their assault on; rights, freedom, and common sense.

Rank and file police officers DO NOT favor the registry and know, as most thinking people do, that it is useless. We see many retired police officers against the registry. The PEOPLE of Canada have clearly spoken their decision, despite threats, intimidation, criminalization... the majority still have not complied. They remain unlicensed and unregistered. This STUPID law is bad governance, it has not the support of the people, and it is of no force, or effect. Making people register guns, and disarming the honest Canadian citizen, does NOT put a dent in crime. It's effect is the reverse... it empowers criminals in knowing they can rob, rape and hurt us even easier. After all, we've been disarmed by our leaders. We are sitting Ducks!

Ask any criminal how easily they can get a gun, and they will likely say the exact same thing; "pass me the phone, $50 Bucks, and I'll have ya a gun in about 20 min."

- Kevin for Wpg. Report


  1. Fred says:

    I live in the Winnipeg North-End, and came home one night to find two teenages in my house - destorying it! This younger kid pulls out a handgun and starts blasting away at me! I ran through my backyard hearing bullets explode through the fence boards as I ran for my life. Those kids were never found, the story never even made it to the news. Yeah, gun control is working GREAT. Thanks government... for disarming me and nearly getting me killed!!!

  1. Taylor says:

    My best friend was robbed on Arlington St. by two kids with a shotgun at 10:30AM (in broad daylight) when he was going to work. Maybe the Liberals should have told those two kids that there is a gun registry, and that their gun wasn't allowed to be out on the streets... errr wait a minute, oh Ya, Criminals don't give a SHIT about the law - ohhh well, never mind. After all, the government is protecting us! Riiiight.

  1. Peter says:

    Personally, I am Fucking DONE with all of these shitty political parties; NDP, Liberal, Conservative... they're all the bloody same. Next election, I'm voting Libertarian Party of Canada. They're main belief is that an individual has the right to his or her own life, and this right is the #1 source of all other rights. Plus, they believe in the Right to Bear Arms. I'm down for that!

  1. Larry says:

    I like how that first video clearly shows the honest & true facts yet, every idiot polititian says the opposite. How on earth can these bastards in govt. LIE to us like this! THEY ARE SCUM. The truth is guns in the hands of citizens REDUCES Crime.

  1. Thomas says:

    In the United States you can get a Concealed Carry Permit, but not in Canada! What the FUCK's up with that???
    Last time I checked the bad guys weren't confined to the United States, they were EVERYWHERE!!!

  1. Alex says:

    Further to Fred's comment... If you are not armed in a deadly situation You Have NO Options... well... you have two, I Guess... (1). Run away, or (2). Die!

    Gun Laws are Fucking STUPID! Any Moron who does not get that deserves to be taught a lesson, first hand on the matter.

  1. Ted says:

    It is a proven FACT that in those US States where they have instituted Concealed Carry (CCW) crime drops by 20%. That is an absolute fact. WE NEED CCW in Winnipeg - IN CANADA!

  1. Ian says:


    Another FACT is that after Canada's 1977 ban of using a handgun for home and self-defense law was passed, the breaking and entering crime rate rose 25%. The fucking Morons we have in this country making the laws should be bloody well executed - PERIOD!

  1. Anonymous says:

    When a citizenry is stripped of its right to self-defence, then that citizenry is no longer free. I have been met with the most shocking hostility by Canadian police officers (on law enforcement forums) who are absolutely dead against law abiding citizens being allowed to carry concealed handguns for self-defence.

    However, here in Alberta, the Wild Rose Alliance under Danielle Smith has promised that all law-abiding Albertans will have the right to bear arms for self-defence. This one of their core principles and part of their platform mandate.

    This is what the provinces need, CFOs (Chief Firearms Officers) who are there to serve the people, not Ottawa.

    When we are allowed to have CCWs in Alberta, I will be starting an armed protection service as part of my companys services.

    When a government outlaws guns, only the outlaws will have guns. Its high time we all took a strong stand together to demand our right to armed self-defence against violent criminals.

    Bill Gibbons

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