Anita Neville's JUNK Mail Delivery...

June 22, 2010,

Today, Liberal MP Anita Neville "Junk Mailed" her riding of Winnipeg's South Center with a boat-load of mis-information and pure Liberal nonsense. The junk mailing was all about... you guessed it - the Gun Registry.

Undoubtedly one of the most pathetic and useless wastes of time and money this country has ever seen. The Liberal nonsense known as the Gun Registry was, from it's inception, nothing more than a way to pander to a small number of special interest groups. The Liberals decided to give special attention to these groups with high hopes of gaining the voters support. In none of the crimes associated with guns since the inception of the registry, has there been anything beneficial that has aided law enforcement.

This useless pretense of a registry policy has given no purpose to help lower gun crime. The Gun Registry is nothing more than cosmetic registration, designed to make people, "feel good." This registry does not deal with the root problems that face Winnipeg or any other Canadian city for that matter. The problem is; Gangs, Inner-City Crime, and THEIR guns. Not, the average citizen and their guns. The guns of the good, honest Canadians are 99.9% used for hunting and controlling the issues of rodents on their private properties - the other 0.01% is simply home defence from the aforementioned criminal problems.

The Liberals choice of throwing up a National Gun Registry as an answer to the real issues that face all Canadians is a 100% FAKE response. It has done nothing more than allow a handful of special interest groups and politicians to have time posing in front of the cameras. It gives a vague promise that gun problems and gun violence are being addressed. Well, they are NOT. And, unfortunately it has cost Canadians over 2 Billion Dollars to find this out!

It certainly doesn't take a genius to know that Gun problems in Winnipeg are not, and NEVER have been, a licensing & registration dilemma. They are not a border, or smuggling problem, and they are not a problem of the gun manufacturers. Gun problems are the problems of GANGS and those wrapped up in the Thug-Life PERIOD.

This idiotic Gun Registry has been absolutely useless in assisting Police in finding those responsible for terror and murder on City streets. The rising problem of gun violence on City streets is a crystal clear example of how the evasion from the real problems with feel good legislation sends a price to the streets that is without a doubt higher than the 2+ Billion of this pathetic gun registry.

Contrary to Ms. Neville's claims in her mailing today, any Police officer will say without a doubt that the Gun Registry serves little to no purpose in actual police work. In reality it actually undermines the very things it was supposed to support. #1). Why should Police ever rely on any kind of registry to determine if there are firearms in a home? Police would always enter situations assuming the worst, and never relying on any information sitting in a computer data-bank. #2). The error rate of the Gun registry is very high and cannot be trusted in over 90% of Police situations. #3). Canadian Police data-banks already list stolen guns, they do not require the Registry for that particular element. #4). Criminals don't respect laws. They won't be registering their guns! #5). the Registry has never saved a life, or helped to stop gun trafficking.

In short, the Gun Registry is a paper exercise that provides little tangible benefit. In Ms. Neville's Mailing she states the registry is accessed 11,000 times per day. Okay, Wait a minute... first it was 2,000, then 5,000 then 6,500, and now it's 11,000 times a day! If you want the truth on the real numbers, grab any copy of the Access to Information. The Gun Registry is always accessed because the system is automated to do it! NOT because any Police officer wants the information from the registry. For example; if you get pulled over for any common traffic offence - as soon as the officer runs your drivers license it counts as a, "Hit," on the gun registry. Not only that, every time any officer accesses information from the Police records system on a person THAT counts as a Hit on the system as well.

Candice Hoeppner has entered a private members bill to scrap the Gun Registry. PLEASE show her your support and get rid of this horrible waste of taxpayer money. In 2009, the Gun Registry cost Canadians over $71 Million. It does not have the support of people from all across Canada who have criticized the registry and supported her bill, including police officers, conservation officers, academics, lawyers, doctors, provincial Attorneys General and everyday Canadians. In their opinion, and in mine, it’s time to end the wasteful and ineffective gun registry and put more emphasis on policing of firearms.

Support bill C-391 at Candice's website:


  1. Artislife340898 says:

    Anita Neville is an UGLY fat bitch. I Fucking HATE her. She can ROT in hell.

  1. freespeach_001 says:

    The Liberals are a party who tries to stir up the people by appeals to emotion, prejudice, etc. in order to win them over quickly and so gain power. It makes me completely SICK. Damn them to Hell. Next election I will vote for Harper.

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