Society Safer when criminals don't know who is armed.

Bring in Concealed Carry for Winnipeg citizens and watch crime drop like a brick off the Richardson Building. And for all you Liberal folks, consider this... explain to me why, if criminals are allow to carry into a bank to rob/kill , why it illegal for us to stay alive? If you were in a bank that's being robbed, you're already in danger. A stranger (who is licenced to Concealed Carry) pulling out a weapon and putting the robber at gunpoint until the police arrive is the only thing keeping the situation under control. And, it is simply the best situation all around to begin taking a REAL bite outta crime. Liberal & NDP "Feel Good" legislation sure isn't!

Banks (and now Pharmacies too) in Winnipeg are being robbed weekly. Not to mention the surge in Home Invasions. We need citizens who are armed and licenced to carry on the street - it is the ONLY way to begin slowing the wrath of crime in Winnipeg.

It's not a matter of there being more shootings and robberies. It's a matter that just because you are a law abiding citizen and opt not to carry a weapon into banks or pharmacies - that doesn't mean other people (the bad guys) won't. Bad guys will carry guns more and more as things get worse in our society. Gun free zones, Gun Registries, and Gun Ban's are bogus. They do nothing more than create a false sense of security. The concern all Winnipeg citizens have nowadays is what if I'm defenseless in these situations.

Scrap gun restrictions and fight for the right to keep yourself safe. Fight for Concealed Carry in Winnipeg!

Evan - Wpg. Report
June 25, 2010


  1. Anonymous says:

    We need better laws so we can all protect ourselves. The Police cannot do it. That's totally obvious.

  1. Phil says:

    The politicians in this country are a complete JOKE when it comes to this issue. All they do is offer "Feel Good" legislation which is completely useless. We need some POWERFUL leaders with BALLS in this country before it will change. Bring back the death penalty and corporal punishment.

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