Winnipeg Airport Security Pat Downs

Airport pat downs land in Winnipeg.

What could be next?

Martial law in the streets?

Or even WORSE...

Get groped yet? The NEW Airport Security is a rogue force of half-wits grabbing and humiliating travelers. L@@K Out.

What's Happening?
We are being treated the same as a fascist regime would treat it's people. We need to break away from the control of the oligarchs. Buy an ounce of pure investment silver and get rid of the bankers. Real money is gold & silver. Trash cash is that fake fiat currency backed by nothing you have in your wallet. Those dollars in your pocket are a representation that you've given away your power to the central bank. Canada is the most in-debt country in the ENTIRE world. Once the global depression hits Canada we're doomed. These airport security guard rent-a-cop morons will turn into an expanded "City Militia." Then, we won't be allowed outside after 10:00 P.M. curfew. You think it's bad now... just you wait.

Remember, Plan for tomorrow TODAY. Stockpile wood/food/water/canned goods, buy a gun, and make sure you have property you can get to if necessary in the woods with a good drinking water (well). Make sure you can survive for a long, long time if you need to.

It's only going to get worse!
Dec. 23, 2010


  1. Msgoodysweets362436 says:

    This EXACTLY what Hitler did just before Natzi Germany. Watch the documentary by Naomi Wolf called the End of America. I cannot believe that this is happening in Canada - WINNIPEG !!!

  1. menmygun60034 says:

    Since NAZI FED Bankers STOLE power over USA in 1913 there's been NO REAL PRESIDENTS,

    Any PRIME MINISTER who disobeys BANKERS would be KILLED

    There is a serious Nazi Queen/Royalty/Muslim/Catholic connection

    Muslims and the Queen are run by the POPE, just like ring-kissing Harper & Obama

    Popes are very PAEDOPHILE, just like the TSA, fronted by the latest FED BANKER PUPPET.

    Whole thing STINKS

    Harper is just the latest puppet to take the FED BANKSERS adjenda forward to 'Ze FINAL SOLUTION'



  1. karen69fine says:

    What kind of twisted pervert would want to work as airport security rubbing old people's tits & arses? That is sooooo weird. Oh well, I guess LOSERS need jobs too! I won't fly anymore with twits like this rubbin' the public up. NO THANKS!

  1. Thom77 says:

    The Nazi's DID THIS !!! Hitler DID THIS !!!

  1. Roman333 says:

    Sieg Heil oh fascist Canada... we're fuckin' done now. Harper/Hitler is going to destroy this country. We NEED a total revolution in this country. I HATE our moron idiot leaders - ALL of THEM! Fascist bastards... totally SUCK!!!

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