Shotgun Blasts Rip Through Downtown Winnipeg...

Police have blocked off the sidewalk in front of long-standing Winnipeg store Dominion News, at 262 Portage Ave., after a random shotgun blast was fired at the business shortly before 10 p.m. on Sunday night.

Witnesses say that a Honda CRV was towed away from the scene. Police have one person in custody in connection with the incident.

The shots fired at the downtown Winnipeg business Sunday night appear to be a completely random act of gun violence.

- Police were called to Dominion News on Portage Avenue at about 9:30 p.m. after a shotgun was fired from inside of a passing car.

- Numerous officers and cruisers surrounded the area and several were on the scene all night long into Monday morning.

- No one was hurt in the shooting and two people have been taken into police custody.

- The buck-shot had a wide spread, and has appeared to have only nicked the business' front window.

Shotgun shot-shell pellets have also made a couple of small dents here and there upon the front of the business exterior. The stores upper street-front sign was also perforated.

The store's owner doesn't believe his store was targeted, the act of violence appears to be completely random in nature.

Trio facing charges after shotgun accidentally fired...

First they faced down a sawed-off shotgun with a toy pistol earlier in the evening in Garden City. Then while playing with the shotgun they obtained through force, it went off  in their vehicle, damaging the door. Now three men are in custody facing several weapon and drug related charges.

"I hate to use the word stupidity, but I will. People were at risk," Winnipeg police spokesman Const. Jason Michalyshen said today. "We’re thankful the only injury is to the door and to no one themselves."

Michalyshen said the incident began on Sunday when two men were doing a drug transaction inside a Honda CRV in Garden City when a third unknown man came up and confronted them with a sawed-off shotgun!

Michalyshen said when one of the two men pulled out a replica handgun and challenged the man he dropped the shotgun and ran. The two men then drove downtown (with the shotgun) and picked up another man.

While in the 200 block of Portage Avenue, near Dominion News, the three men began handling the shotgun and accidentally fired it into the door. When police came and searched the vehicle they found, (besides the replica handgun and the sawed-off shotgun), cash and marijuana.


  1. Thomas_Jacobs239 says:

    See, this is what you get when good guy's, (the good honest cleared and properly trained citizens), are not allowed to carry guns! Random bastards using our city streets for their "Gun-Play," fun! It is INSANE how the politicians and the idiotic left-wing Anti-Gun nut-jobs love the fact the citizens are totally disarmed and the criminals run wild with their guns creating terror. Whats next??? Bring in concealed carry for Canadians for crying out loud. Arm the good-guys and send some lead flying back at these punks!

  1. TerryWhittleAlester says:

    I was in the Army for 3 yrs., (Military), and was trained to spot what we called "printing." This is noticing if somebody was /is carrying a gun concealed. And, I can tell you flat out that every second gang-banger I see in this city is carrying a gun. Just walk through Portage Place! There is no logic to banning citizens from having guns on their person. I fully support Carry laws in this country.

  1. Anonymous says:

    When the US Gubberment goes off their rocker and starts the next American Civil war I can guarantee that the Canadian Gubberment will come for all of our guns. The years ahead will be horrific. This is how satanists think. And, the Gubberment is FULL of Satan worshiping devils. They want us all dead. The GMO's, the naked Marxists, the Fluoride in our water. They are evil, pure evil. They LOVE these shootings. They want to bankrupt the countries and take over.

  1. JacksonFilmon says:

    The bozo in Garden City threw down his "REAL" shotgun and ran away when the morons in the Honda pulled out a "Fake" gun? Wow, what a bunch of complete idiots!

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