Massive MTS Cell Phone Outage: Dec. 22, 2014

911 calls, land lines and cellular service are being affected by massive MTS difficulties today...

Today MTS (Manitoba Telephone Services) has experienced one of the worst outages ever recorded to not only it's cell. customers, but to 3G service, land-line telephones and even Television service.

MTS is releasing next to no information regarding the outage to its customers and it is only pumping out Twitter postings to thousands of incredibly angry customers who are demanding answers to the lack of service.

The Winnipeg Free Press jumped to the gun with a press release today releasing only the following...

"MTS is warning 911 service in Manitoba is affected by outages the telecom giant is working to repair as fast as it can."

The MTS Twitter account is on fire with angry customers who want to know what on Earth is happening.

The service interruption began around 1:30 PM this afternoon with land-lines becoming initially affected in the West-End area.

The outage spread to affect cellular with the entire HSPA service going down by approx. 3:30 or 3:45 PM.

What seems quite odd is the following news release to the Free Press...

"Both wireless and land line services were affected today. By 4 p.m. wireless services were back online but the land line issue was still a problem."

"This has affected the ability of non-MTS customers being able to access 9-1-1 services," MTS said in a statement late this afternoon.

"MTS is investigating the cause of the interruption and is working as quickly as possible to restore all services," the statement added.

MTS took to Twitter to alert customers to the difficulties.

For the most part, customers were taking it in stride, with some tweeting back with mild jokes and getting the corporate talking head to banter back. However, by 6:00 PM with thousands of customers still without service the Twitter posts have started to get pretty nasty...


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