Selinger wins NDP leadership Vote...

The votes are in and Greg Selinger remains the leader of the Manitoba NDP and the province's premier.

It was a tight race, but Selinger beat out former minister of infrastructure and transportation Steve Ashton and former health minister Theresa Oswald, scooping up 759 of a possible 1,490 votes.

Theresa Oswald netted 726 votes, but it wasn't enough to oust Selinger.

Selinger, who refused to step down and continued to govern during the NDP leadership campaign, ran a confident if not tepid campaign, juggling his daily duties as premier the entire time.

This was a historical race by many measures. It has never happened before in Manitoba where a sitting premier was openly challenged and a leadership race ensued.

First order of business for Selinger is finding cabinet positions for Steve and Terrible Teresa. Steve will grab at anything cuz that's how he rolls but the premier has to insure Oswald not return to health - she really did a bad thing there.

Selinger will also be advised he has to provide the Wpg Football club another 10 to 15 million in capital to fix up the deplorable IGF Stadium. Selinger will sneak that thru with the old alley-oop play - a series of payments for Grey Cup and other festivities.

But right now, the Bombers and the builder and legally frozen. Any fixes have to be funded - and the football club won't be paying for anything anymore!

From Selinger's speech "Some people think that we are vulnerable right now. They could not be More Wrong. We will come out of this convention, we will come out of this room, Stronger, More Unified, More Passionate, More Dedicated, to making a difference to All Manitobans."

Three things:
1) Tell that to the 500 delegates that could not bother to show up to vote.

2) Actions Speak Louder Than Words. -- all we got for 16 years is WORDS, meaningless words.

3) They should watch Bartley's "Eve of Destruction". It may open their eyes to REALITY. I doubt it, their glasses are covered with orange dirt and lies.


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