Winnipeg Photo Radar: A Total Money Grab...

Another Winnipeg driver is angry after receiving two speeding tickets that were issued at same time and at the same location.

Watch the CTV Report...

Christine Ibalio said her first ticket was issued after she was pulled over by a police officer on Sept. 9 at 9:02 a.m. The stop happened in the school zone, (Manitoba cash-grab zone), on Panet Road near Munroe Avenue. She was clocked at 43 km/h in a 30 km/h zone.

Christine Ibalio holds up her two tickets issued separately for what she believes is one offence. About a week later, she received a photo radar ticket in the mail which appears to have been taken just metres away from where she was pulled over.

This one clocked Ibalio at 51 km/h at 9:05 a.m. on Sept. 9. Ibalio said she feels like she's being punished twice for the same offence, which she thinks is not fair.

Sgt. Rob Riffel with the Winnipeg Police said the traffic unit and the private photo-radar corporation (hired to snap the ridiculous photo radar pictures and steal money from Manitoba residents) do not give whereabouts to each other. But (according to "Rob") traditional patrol officers will typically move to another location if they see a photo radar vehicle is nearby an enforcement area, he said.

Sadly, this poor Winnipeg woman will have to pay both tickets. The Winnipeg Police work as collection agents for the Provincial Government and the Province will want their money. And, the Province also wants those glorious "de-merit" points which will translate to more income for them when this poor lady next pays her Autopac through MPIC. Can you say Double-Whammy Scammy.

Then, we also have those vermin from the "Private" corporation hired by the Provincial Government to steal money from citizens to pad their corporate bottom line and then hand over a percentage to the Provincial Government. They will want their money as well. This poor lady is finished.

Remember the courts are a complete sham. No-one ever wins in them. Not one person ever walks away from today's kangaroo court in the grand Manitoba traffic court scam - as a winner. Everyone pays. Everyone loses, (except the private corporation and the Province - they ALWAYS win). The entire process is a scam and it is meticulously designed to steal the money from your wallet.

The only solution is to plan your routes in a manner that completely avoids photo-radar. Also, drive at least 20km under the limit if you must pass by a photo-radar machine, (keep in mind that those machines are NOT properly calibrated, and they don't have to be, they can never lose, the vermin in the Province have set it all up to be win-win in their favor, the machines are always correct, the citizen is always wrong). Keep in mind that, when the machines are malfunctioning, they give false readings of 10 - 12 km OVER your true speed. If you're really doing 50km, a broken machine will read you as about 62km. And, you will get a ticket. And, you will have to pay. Remember, the machine is NEVER wrong. It is perfect!

Another excellent tool to own is the "Photo Radar Predictor" script for your Garmin GPS unit. This is hands-down the BEST, most thorough radar location script for GPS available. Developed over years of applied use and study, the script will alert you to every speed trap in Winnipeg. If you don't own it for your GPS unit, you are making a grave error.

The other thing you can do is fight the ticket for a reduced fine. Plead "Not Guilty" and head to an actual court-date with an explanation. Hopefully, if you have a good enough "story" you'll have a few bucks knocked off. But, as far as fighting the Magistrate, forget it. They've tightened the court up so tight, that nobody will ever win. The tables are all turned in their favor. And, we are nothing but "Scum Citizens" to them. The Vermin!


  1. Anonymous says:

    These NDP pigs got to go. They suck beyond all forms or levels of sucking. these stupid school zones gotta go too. Complete BS. No kid has ever been hit by a car in a school zone anyway. All a smoke screen for stealing money from our wallets. Bloody Scum NDP bastards.

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