Another Nasty Snow-Storm Headed to Winnipeg

Don’t put those shovels away yet...

Environment Canada is warning that another storm is headed towards southern Manitoba, including Winnipeg, bringing with it 10 to 15 centimetres of snow. The Alberta clipper is also expected to bring strong northwest winds, causing reduced visibilities at times.

The weather service isn’t confident of the exact path of the clipper, but they say it appears it will track along and south of the Trans-Canada Highway in Manitoba by Friday afternoon, with most of the snow falling to the north and east of the track. The storm is expected to clear out of the province by late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

This storm follows one that began Christmas Day, dropping approximately 23 centimetres of snow on Winnipeg, crippling city services to the extent that city officials actively encouraged residents to avoid travel and stay home the following day. A residential plow of the city for that storm was slated to wrap by Saturday morning, although that was stated before the latest forecast.


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