Winnipeg Named One Of The Coldest Cities On Earth

Winnipeg is one of the five coldest cities in the world, according to the American weather website, AccuWeather.

Winnipeg made the list, along with Yellowknife, Duninka and Yakutsk Russia, and Harbin, China.

Winnipeg was chosen for its cold January nights, where temperatures routinely dip down below -21. In the extremes, the city has dealt with weather that felt like -45 on February 18, 1966, and according to the article, -47.8 on December 24, 1879.

Despite the cold, people around the city embrace the chilly conditions by getting outside.

Perhaps Winnipeg received the nickname “Winterpeg” for our ability to winterize summer activities. The city hosts canoe and bike races in the snow.

When the Red and Assiniboine Rivers freeze over, we make the longest skating trail in the country and we gussy it up with art installations or warming huts along the way.

And why not work with what you’ve got? Festival Du Voyageur turns the snow into impressive sculptures. The two-week festival turns some of the coldest weeks of the year into some of the most fun ones.

While the air may be cold, the sun warms our spirits: Winnipeg is one of the sunniest places in the country during the winter, and that’s something to smile about.


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