Neighborhood Say's No to Giant Ugly Condo

There's huge local opposition to a giant ugly Crescentwood infill condo project. The developers are accusing residents of being unrealistic in feeling that their historic homes are sacrosanct...

Crescentwood infill happens yearly, however the development planned by Ventura Capitol is different. The area has had many changes over more than 100 years of residential use, but they have all kept fairly close to the sightlines of the community.

Venture wants to change that. They are blaming the City and the people of Cresentwood, but residents say that even a hundred years ago parts of the area were built with specific restrictions.

"Even when approving infill, there are good reasons to respect neighbourhood-appropriate zoning guidelines." - Joanne Seiff (resident)

The proposed 12 suite luxury condo "looks like something out of a StarTrek movie, or a space commanders residence from the TV show Battlestar Galactica," say's neighbor James Kerningham. "Its design towers over our neighboring homes as a 4-story behemoth dwarfing the beautiful historic masterpiece homes that make Cresentwood a famous historic neighborhood across Winnipeg."

The biggest factor (that Venture just does not seem to grasp), is that nobody who lives in the neighborhood wants the 4-story "space-port facility." Everyone is opposed. 

 Let's hope that the City of Winnipeg makes the right decision and blocks the construction of this spacy bloated-slab of steel and glass from ever being built.


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