Transportation Engineer Say's Bike Lanes Don't Work

Dave Elmore of Bike to the Future would have Winnipeger's believe that building cycling paths will engage people to opt for bicycles as a mode of transportation and keep cyclists safer. He even goes so far as to say that this is a "Proven" fact! He said this live on CBC radio 990 on Oct. 07, 2010. This idea, and his statement are completely false. No Bike Path initiative in 40 years in any country in the industrialized world has ever done this.

Bike to the Future are nothing more than a minority group banded together to form a Bike Activists club who have successfully promoted to waste Millions of tax payer dollars with completely ineffective "Active Transportation" construction in our city.

John Forester, M.S., P.E. Cycling Transportation Engineer Consulting Engineer, Expert Witness & Educator in Effective Cycling, Bicycles and Highways knows bike paths and active transport well... Probably better than anyone else in the world. From his office in Southern California he conducted an interview with CBC's Terry McCloud on Oct. 07, 2010... here is what he had to say;

1). No city has any need for a network of bike paths or bike routes. These construction projects have been proven time and time again to be a complete waste of time & money.

2). In 40+ years of testing bike routes the conclusion is that they have never had the effect they were intended to produce. This is true for every city in every part of the world.

3). Bike routes do not make cyclists safe. Only cyclists learning how to drive safe, will be safe.

4). Bike routes tend to give cyclists a false sense of security. They feel and think they are safer in their lanes, however this has been proven as false time & time again.

5). In 40+ years on conducting studies, not a single bike activist group has been able to demonstrate in any case how bike paths have ever kept a cyclist safer.

6). Bike lanes & routes have had the opposite effect of what they were intended to produce. They have instead created more unpredictable reactions from cyclists and motorists - instead of safer riding, the ride for cyclists has become more dangerous with bike routes.

7). With or without bike routes, cyclists are proven to delay cars and traffic. Bike lanes painted onto streets have also created groups of cycle vigilantes or "Scofflaw Cyclists," as John Forester calls them. These cyclists take dangerous risks that endanger not only themselves but pedestrians and motorists as well.

8). Bike routes cause traffic patterns, and car/bike collisions to increase! Especially at turning and crossing left-turn intersections. The bike routes give cyclists a false identity on the road. The bike lanes confuse drivers and pedestrians as to what the cyclist should be doing.

Only a comprehensive bike safety program can work to keep cyclists safe. If Dave Elmore wants to do his bike riding friends any true service, he should establish a proper cycling training program for riders. Not, lobbying the city for more and more useless bike routes that do NOT get people on bikes, or promote cycling. Rather, the routes endanger all citizens of any city they have ever been installed in.

In conclusion, John Forester did mention that in his 40 plus years of being involved in Cycling Transportation he can say that along with comprehensive bike training programs, the only proven safety method for keeping cyclists safer on city streets is by the installation of more left turn signals on intersections. As for the concept that bike routes make cyclists safe and make people cycle more... According to John Forester - Completely unfounded!

Chris Johnston
Wpg. Report
Oct. 07, 2010

Read more on Bike safety and learn from a true expert on this subject by visiting Mr. Forester's Cycling Transportation website:


  1. valerieJ.334 says:

    Ahhhh, just as I thought. Bike to the Future are nothing but a bunch of Activists! Nice to hear from a TRUE expert on the subject. GREAT post. Thanks!

  1. Anonymous says:

    FINALLY, Real Facts! Geez... if getting this info. was so easily attainable for CBC, maybe Katz should have looked into this a little more before blowing that $20 Million!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard this broadcast and the Dave Elmore guy from the bike club came across as a total idiot! All this just pisses me off to no end. What a waste of cash... and the city is broke to boot! Just soooooo STUPID.

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a waste of 20 Million bucks.

  1. Mr. Sloppy Time says:

    How in debt is Winnipeg? Anyone know an actual figure?

  1. Bike Hater 2010 says:

    Bike to the Future is a JOKE. They have less than 200 members and they have managed to weasel their way into council and get $20 Million spent on their STUPID bike transport initiative. These bastards make me sick. I say RIP OUT THE BIKE Routes altogether. They article and video sum everything up... They DON'T Work!

  1. CriticalFailure111 says:

    These Bike Paths were a HUGE failure. They NEED to be taken out and our streets and parking should be returned to their original state once again. Terrible decision.

  1. Kelly says:

    All I know is a lost the parking spot next to my home where I used to SAFELY take my two children into my house! Now, I have to park a block over and walk with my two little kids across a busy street. This is SICK. I don't know what I will do when it's -30 outside? Thanks BIKE TO THE FUTURE. I hope all of you can get your kids into your houses safely this winter.

  1. ProudWinnipegger says:

    BIKE TO THE FUTURE are a bunch of narrow minded agenda toting scumbags who should have their status revoked! And, they should be criminally prosecuted for what they've pulled off here in Winnipeg.

  1. FREE Canadian says:

    Bike riders are all degenerate faggots and dykes. Ya wanna ride a bike, put it on the roof of your car and drive to the woods and ride it!

  1. Jennifer says:

    One thing I've noticed is that a very significant number of bike riders do not heed; traffic signs, lights, pedestrian crosswalks, or the right that cars have etc. and they seem to think of themselves as seperate from the laws. Personally, I hate cyclists and how they drive on the street. I can'y believe that Bike to the Future has wasted so much tax payer money. Bloody bastards!

  1. InfoWarz Winnipeg says:

    Bike to the Future are akin to Terrorists. They should be arrested and tried for treason against the citizens of Winnipeg. They shifted the wealth away from the roots people of Winnipeg to make their Bike Paths. They scapegoated all of the decent people by having their meetings for their bullshit bike paths - BUT, people KNOW now. People are informed about their treason. Bike to the Future WILL PAY for this - One Way or Another!

  1. Ed says:

    Bike to the Future... Ha! What a total JOKE! Bunch of idiots. People who start organizations like this are fuckin' complete & total Losers. I seriously suggest these goofs rent a Ho and get laid. These "types" are always lacking in the pussy dept.

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