Vic Toews: Hypocrit, Con Artist, Honorary U of W Lawyer (???)

Oct. 18, 2010

Vic Toews is the latest recipient of one of those bogus degrees handed out to a long list of morons. The University of Winnipeg is likely sucking up to the Feds for some more money and Toews does control the purse strings for this province! Why not a free degree to stroke the fire.

Lowlife Vic Toews (who was born in Paraguay) is a twisted liar and a cheat. What has Toews done to deserve an honorary degree? How about, cheating on his wife and fathering a child in 2007 with a much younger woman. How about getting convicted of exceeding his personal campaign expense limits in the 1999 Manitoba provincial election. How about having zero family values, being a sleazy hypocrite who thinks gay people should be punished by hate crimes and that gay marriage is akin to a Black Mass! Uhhh, yeah, let's give this guy an Honorary U of W Law Degree. (WTF?).

Erin Larson delivered the valedictory address and criticized the university's decision to award MP Vic Toews an honorary degree. She made a lot of sense. Larson charges that Toews did not deserve the honour because of what she alleges are his political positions against “tolerance, compassion and respect for human rights.”

Larson has come under heavy fire from Lloyd Axworthy. U of W head Axworthy (another old, tired, and conservative fart) said, "Toews’ nomination was unanimously accepted by a U of W committee made up of faculty, staff and students, and by the university’s senate."

Uhhhh... Yeah sure, of course, now translated that really means... "We Need Money - Please let us Cow-toe to You Mr. Toews."

What do you think, did Towes have a right to get the honorary doctor of laws degree?
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Kevin F.
Winnipeg Report


  1. Fern says:

    Vic is a MASSIVE idiot - period.

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