Winnipeg Elects Sam Katz for Third Term...

Sammy Boy Slim won his 3rd and last term as Mayor of Winnipeg on October 28, 2010. It was certainly no real surprise either. Sammy had his Police & Fire Dept. pals standing behind him. And, his platform was built upon the hiring of 58 new cops.

Judy W. had no real plan for the city, at least nothing for anyone to truly stand behind and say, "Yeah, that is solid, I'm with her." Judy's campaign was based on honesty and creating change at city hall. She failed at explaining specifically what those two platforms actually meant however. It's one thing to say you're into being honest and you want to create positive change, but seriously - talk about empty philosophies. Especially when Winnipeg is a city with a National Crime rate that rivals... well no place else. Judy came out for what she really was, a career politician with zero ideas and a mountain of scripted lines that say practically nothing.

Good on Sammy for shooting one off at Selinger during his victory speech! The NDP have been shoving buckets of cash at poorly run programs aimed at; saving the poor, helping ex-cons, and aiding the criminal at getting plenty of "Get Outta Jail Free," cards. The NDP have wasted so much money on their idiodic, "Hug a Thug," approach even Sam is sick of seeing the waste.

Sam aimed at coming across as the "Crime & Safety" candidate. With the Police union backing him, he better come through on this. After last weekend's triple shooting - double homicide (with still No Leads), Sam needs to do some crime smashing - big time!

Still, there's not much a Mayor can really do. The crime problem escalating to record proportions is clearly on the shoulder's of the NDP's Hug a Thug policies with crime. We need a government in this Province and nation that has a zero tolorence with the massive gang problem. Whether that will happen anytime soon still waits to be seen. One thing is for sure. They'll be more shootings, killings, stabbings and death on the streets of Winnipeg. Mr. Same 'ol Sammy for Mayor and the NDP twit machine sure ain't going to make any dent in the gang problem.

Kevin P.

Winnipeg Report


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