Selinger Blows November 2010 Throne Speech...

By week’s end, Selinger — whose government is $565 million in the hole with no prospect of climbing out of the debt in the foreseeable future, totally blew it on his throne speech!

Selinger smoked it early in the week after the fallout from a series of idiodic NDP attack ads against their Tory opponents. The ads alleged all kinds of twisted and wacky things, from the Tories wanting more urine in Manitoba’s rivers and lakes to the strange accusation McFadyen still supports the urban myth his party “fired 1,000 nurses” in the early 1990s. Which they did not do!

Selinger's side-show Blue Bomber Football Stadium debacle took another turn for the worse in November. David Asper's Creswin Properties fed the public lie after lie about how his "too good to be true" stadium deal was to proceed. In the end, it was all hog-wash. Asper likes to swing a heavy hand, however his bull has certainly run it's course. After running a highly distorted campaign for his incredible stadium deal - now we see his true colours - lies, lies and more lies.

Now Selinger wants the taxpayers to foot the bill for most of the project. This is absurd! We don't need a stadium. We're broke! This is like someone who's applying for bankruptcy buying a Rolls Royce. It's beyond nuts. But then it's become obvious that Selinger as well as David Asper are both self-serving and disingenuous morons. Their dog and pony show stadium deal's cost over-runs of the project skyrocketed through only a matter of months. As well, Asper's mighty promise of tens of millions in private investment by Creswin Properties appears to have dried up, or was never there in the first place. We tend to place more faith in the latter.

This province is like the Roach Motel, things just keep getting worse and worse with twits like these two trying to run the show. Bottom line is we don't need a stadium. Patch up the existing one and get health care in order and start paying down the debt. Politically, Selinger has handled the stadium file as poorly as any politician could, insisting one day that taxpayers would be shielded from cost-overruns and the next that the stadium had suddenly become a public works project. WTF?

Worse, Selinger was unable to provide any detail whatsoever of how much this white elephant would eventually cost, who would pay for it and whether there was any private money going into it at all.

The province was once talking about a deal that would have seen Asper invest well over $100 million of his own money into the stadium. Selinger is now having to explain to taxpayers why they may have to compensate Asper for the few million he’s put into the project so far.

LET ME BE VERY CLEAR... We should NOT give ANY MONEY to David Asper. It was his business venture, it was 100% for him and he screwed it up royally. Get a grip Asper... Take the hit buddy. We're not giving you any bail-out money for your bad business sense. FORGET IT PAL! YOU SUCK!

All of this doesn’t give Manitoba voters much faith in Selinger’s ability to run a province from what we've seen so far. Nor do abstract promises like the one in last week’s throne speech that every Manitoban would have access to a family physician by 2015. Give me a break Selinger. You want to toss $200 Million at building a stupid football stadium. Get real. Put $20 Million of that into fixing up the old one and chuck the balance at health care so we can at least put a dent in our health care woes in Manitoba.

Selinger may as well have promised Manitobans that he will balance Manitoba's books in a couple of weeks... Or, perhaps he will lead Manitoba in sending a rocket to build a base on the moon! That would have been more believable than the rubbish he spewed during his throne speech.

Selinger is a total liar and a total farce for a Premier. Greg Selinger, I formerly request you resign your post and walk away from politics. Go back to your old job of being a social work teacher. You are NOT a political leader. Not in any sense of the word.

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Nov. 21, 2010


  1. Anonymous says:

    YEAH... !!! Excellent post Kevin.

  1. Peter377 says:

    A new Stadium !!! Built on WHAT? Speculation & Borrowing? GIVE ME A BREAK.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fuck I HATE the NDP. They suck Balls!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I fuckin hate Asper. What a FAT piece of shit asshole. Fuck him!

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